Advantages of being a Representative

What are the advantages with Avon compared to other similar companies?


One of the great things about Avon products is that they are known throughout the industry as having reputable high quality products. This helps you to grow your business as you have a very strong product line to sell to your customers.


You also get free delivery of your order, free brochures to get started, free access to Avon online facilities and all the support you need from your Avon Sales Leader and Area Manager.


As an additional reward for being an Avon representative you also get access to special demonstration books. These books allow you to have a sneak peak at future products coming out so that you can get samples to give to your customers (and treat yourself.)


Any returns you might have are free as well as Avon offers a 30 day guarantee on their products. This means that if your customer is not completely satisfied they can have their money back, at no cost to you.


Avon also has on offer a President Club membership. Being a member of this allows you assess to even greater offers from Avon and a point system which can be redeemed on a number of prizes from shopping vouchers to TV’s.
Plus the top 50 representatives get invited to go on an expense paid holiday
courtesy of Avon.


As well as being a representative there are also opportunity's for Avon Sales Leaders.

Avon products are innovative, but affordable. The company has been in business for over 125 years and is a well known, quality brand. Alliances with celebrities help to boost sales and visibility. Avon is an advocate of breast cancer and domestic violence charities, raising millions of pounds in support.