Sales Leadership

Welcome to the new Advanced Leadership.


Avon UK will be launching its new Advanced Leadership program this Summer 2014. This new model will maintain the best elements of the current system whilst enchancing other aspects to create the prefect business thats just too hard to resist.


It will have improved title progession for existing Sales Leaders and offer new rewards for any new Sales Leaders that join. For those of you who wish to work your way up to the very top, there will be a true multi-level marketing scheme just for you.


Being a Sales Leader does not mean you will lose any of the benefits of being a Representative either. You get to keep all the perks of being a Representative while you develop your own team of Representatives too.


Take a look at the following charts to see clearly how growing your own business will directly relate to extra earnings for you.

Coordinator level

As you can see you can start by earning 4% on the sales from your own team with as little as 5 other members in your team. As you grow your own business though you will see how can start to earn more and more. Moving on to 6% in this first tier of Advanced Leadership.



Leader level

When you have progressed into the next tier of Advance Leadership you will really start to see your earning potential rise. You can receive up to 8.5% earnings on your team sales. Plus as you start to develop Sales Leaders within your team you can expect to get up to 4% of their team sales too. 


Avon has estimated that you could earn on average £30,000 a year by reaching tier 2 of their new Advance Leadership program.



Executive Leader level

This is the final tier of Avon's new Advance Leadership program and with it comes the greatest rewards. Not only do you get 9% on your own team sales but you also get a host of other benefits along with it. 


Avon has estimated that when you reach this level you should be earning around £60,000 a year. However as you advance through this final tier you could expect to see yearly earnings rise to £500,000 !!! Thats a staggering amount of money.


Can you really afford to say no to finding out more information about Advance Leadership ??



There is just one simple question you need to ask yourself.


How much money do I want to earn?


          Are you looking for a bit of extra income?

          Are you looking for a part time job?

          Are you looking for a whole new career path?


Whichever choice you decide then Advance Leadership may just be what you are looking for. You will receive full on going support and help along the way with personal one on one training. No past experience is required.


So what are you waiting for. Click on the button below and join The A Girls team today.